What Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost? The cost of commercial carpet cleaning will vary depending on how large the area needs to be cleaned and the condition of the carpet. Companies charge per square foot, which typically ranges from $0.15 to $0.50 for basic cleaning services. The cost of more extensive cleaning services such as deodorizing, stain removal and sanitizing can rise to up to $1 per sq. foot. Additional fees may be charged for moving furniture or applying specialty treatments. Businesses often negotiate with carpet cleaners based on their commercial space. These agreements often offer discounts for multiple cleanings and discounts for prepaying upfront for a longer contract. Some carpet cleaning companies offer discounts for multiple cleanings or prepaying for a longer contract period upfront. Customers can expect to pay between a few hundred and several thousand dollars depending upon how big their space is, as well as the type of services required. To get fair pricing and a quality service that suits your needs, it is a good idea to request multiple quotes from several companies. Research is a great way to ensure that you get the best cleaning service at a reasonable price.

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