What is the average commercial cleaning rate? This will depend on how big the building is, how many employees are employed, and what services are provided. A basic package for office cleaning costs around $25 an hour for one person. This can go up to $50-60 an hour if more cleaners are used or specialized services like floor waxing and carpet shampooing are added. The frequency of commercial cleaning depends on the services required. Monthly cleanings are typically less expensive than weekly, bi-weekly or weekly cleanings. Additional services, such as stain removal, window washing, sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, and trash collection, may be available depending on the company that was hired. It is important to compare the prices of different companies before you sign anything. To ensure your business receives the best service, it is important to check that all employees are trained in safety procedures and industry standards. You should also inquire about discounts and loyalty programs that may be available to help lower your costs.

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