What is the Cost of Commercial Cleaning? The cost of commercial cleaning will depend on the space and the complexity of the cleaning. It also depends on how often the cleaning services are required. Commercial cleaning companies will generally charge an hourly fee depending on how large the space is and the level of detail required. A small office might charge $40-50 an hour for basic vacuuming and dusting. However, a larger office, or retail space, may be charged $75-100 for more thorough cleaning, such as windows or deep scrubbing. Additional costs such as equipment rental fees and setup fees are often added by commercial cleaners. Clients may have to pay an additional fee if they require specialized equipment, such as a steamer or pressure washer, in addition to their hourly rate. Clients may be charged additional fees for services such as floor waxing and carpet shampooing, which are not included in the basic cleaning package. It is important to look at not only the price, but also customer reviews and quality when choosing a commercial cleaning company. There are many professional cleaning companies that offer online services. Clients can view testimonials and get an idea about the prices of each service before they commit to any plan. Some companies offer discounts for customers who sign long-term contracts, or bulk buyers. It is possible to find trustworthy commercial cleaners that are affordable and high-quality.

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