What is the cost of commercial cleaning? The price of commercial cleaning depends on how big the building is, the area that needs to be cleaned and the complexity of the job. It may cost $50 to $150 for smaller spaces, such as offices, but larger facilities will cost $300 to $500. These services can also be costly depending on how often they are required. Additional discounts may be available for regular cleans. It is important to look beyond the price when choosing a commercial cleaning company. To reduce the environmental and health risks associated with traditional cleaning products and equipment, look for companies that use ecofriendly cleaning products. Also, make sure they are familiar with infection prevention strategies and have plans to adapt their services according to current public health guidelines. In the event of an accident occurring during cleaning, companies should have sufficient insurance. Before you hire a commercial cleaner, be sure to understand what you're paying for. While some companies offer services such as floor waxing or window washing, others only provide basic mopping and sweeping. You need to be clear about what you're getting in order to avoid being overcharged or disappointed when cleaning your facility. There are many prices for commercial cleaning services. However, you can narrow down your options by considering factors like safety protocols and sustainability practices.

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